Every Monday, I’ll post some examples of whatever I’ve been listening to a lot in the last week. It’s not always going to be pretty, but it’ll be honest.

February 2, 2015:

Ryan Montbleau


Not sure what sparked it, but for some reason I found myself listening to a lot of Ryan Montbleau (and his band) this week. The band has parted ways since I caught them at The Blockley (RIP) a couple years ago, by Ryan is still doin’ his thing, and has a new album coming out in April, entitled “Growing Light.”

He’s got a slew of shows coming up in the next couple months, but not in Philly or Denver soooo…… awkward…….

Anyway, check him out on Spotify.

PS – His Pandora station is pretty decent, too.




I know literally nothing about this guy. Came across a tune of his on Reddit this week and promptly spent the next few days browsing his catalog. I know he’s from Belgium. Which is not in America. He’s also not coming anywhere near Philly or Denver any time soon, so really I’m just not useful to you at all. Anyway, here he is on Spotify.



The Benjees


Again, not a band I know well, but I recently had a chance to see my childhood friend Mike Hubbard rock Pianos NYC. He’s even headlining Mercury Lounge next month, so check that out. But the opener impressed me and I was finally able to track down their online presence. They’re called The Benjees, (not Benjis, which may be why it took me forever to find them.) they’re from New York, and hey they were in Philly recently but won’t be back for a while so again I suck, I’m sorry. Below is their track “Filthy Fuckin’ Rich” that really caught my attention. Check out the rest of their soundcloud page here and look out for their new album coming this summer.



Run The Jewels


Because I’m still not over their new album. If you haven’t listened to it on a quality sound system yet, please do that now.



Adam Travis & The Soul


He (They?) played at Sprout Music Collective in West Chester, PA on Saturday night so I checked ’em out online beforehand. A lot of his stuff is quite enjoyable. I know that sounds like the lamest endorsement ever but that’s just honestly the best way I can describe his music. it doesn’t bang, it doesn’t slay, it’s just, very enjoyable music. He’s got a really unique voice and he’s proven he can write a good song or two. I wouldn’t be surprised if, with a little hustle, he’ll get on some bigger stages in the near future. Here’s his track “City Life,” probably one of the best he’s got. That I’ve heard anyway.


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