Greetings! Sporadic editor Zach here, checking in with some news for all of you Philadelphia area Deadheads!

There are few things in my mind that are more American than the Grateful Dead. Maybe apple pie. Or Texas. The only definite answer, in my opinion, is Independence Day. If you happen to agree with that previous statement then GOOD NEWS!  Come one, come all to the Ardmore Music Hall this weekend and join the Philadelphia area’s staple Grateful Dead tribute Splintered Sunlight for three nights of Independence Day jubilation from July 1-3.

If you are a Grateful Dead fan in the Philadelphia area then you have more than likely heard or seen Splintered Sunlight at some point. From local festivals to venues in the city and the suburbs, Splintered is the most active Dead tribute band in the area, and has been for quite some time. The band will return to the Ardmore Music Hall for a string of three shows, dubbed Dead, White, and Blue. In addition to three nights of Splintered, Dead, White, and Blue weekend will include a Shakedown Street stocked with local vendors on the balcony of the venue and feature guest emcee Sam Cutler, former tour manager of the Grateful Dead!

Each night will feature a unique special guest to open up the festivities. Openers this weekend include bluegrass pioneers Whiskeyhickon Boys, funk rockers The Jawn, and jam rising stars McLovins. Each of these acts will bring a special, high energy set to get everybody movin’ and groovin’.

If that doesn’t peak your interest enough, you’ll just have to head out to any night (or all three) to truly experience the magic! We’ll see you there.

For tickets and more information visit: 




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