***Words by Dan Markle***

****photo courtesy of artist website****

New Jersey’s Out of the Beardspace have dropped a new live album dubbed Intent to Express and will be taking to the Underground Arts stage this Wednesday, December 7th , with support from The Main Squeeze and Suburban Sensi.

Intent To Express is a two-part live album that consists entirely of live material. The album is just that, a serious expression of what it’s like to be there at the show. These types of albums can be tricky for first time listeners, but OOTB keeps it interesting and different, a true testament to their live show.

Some notable songs off the get-go “Evolve”, “Spooky Jam > Sacrifice”, “Trabs”, “Train Ride Samba > “Grungadelic”, and “In The Eye.” “Trabs” emerges out the “Spooky Jam > Sacrifice” with a steady, yet dark, extended intro jam that turns into a smooth progressive groove with added vocals and overlaying solos on top. Cut to the middle of the song and you’ll find yourself in a music scene reminiscent of Rush in all of their progressive glory, soon to be finished off with a powerfully dark outro jam.

Another great starting point for those who like skipping around is “Evolve”. Using the power of the low-end to drive the song forward (like it’s evolving…get it?) this song can get you lost in the music. Echoing vocals mixed with jazz influences, hinting early Pink Floyd (think A Saucerful of Secrets) give this song a space-trip feel in the best way. It catapults you from this space scene to a hard-hitting rock song to end it completing the five minute and twenty second sonic journey.

All of these songs exhibit what Out of the Beardspace is capable of on the live stage and how they prove to be an upcoming powerhouse of contemporary prog-rock bands.

Check out Intent To Express on Spotify and Bandcamp

Be sure to check them out this Wednesday, December 7th, at Underground Arts with The Main Squeeze and Suburban Sensi. Tickets are only $13 – and it’s sure to be a rockin’ time.


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