Prog-fusion power trio Consider The Source will be hitting the stage at the Ardmore Music Hall tomorrow night, 12/1 with support from local jam favorites Tweed! The show is set to include a special Radiohead set from CTS. This week, the band was nice enough to answer some questions from us in anticipation of the show. 

Z – What brought about choosing to play Radiohead tunes? 

CTS – At first it was just one tune, Paranoid Android, which we covered a few years ago. It was actually our first cover and an easy song to agree on once Radiohead was mentioned. We had such a great experience rearranging the song for our style and sound that when we began toying with the idea to do a whole tribute set we decided to continue working with their catalog. We felt although it was a cover – we were able to make the song “our own” in a sense and really enjoyed working up the rest of the material to meet that standard. 

Z – Are there other bands in your lives that, like Radiohead, have similar styles and you consider covering/improvising around? 

CTS – Lately we’ve had the honor of working with guitarist Dave Fiuczynski who was a teacher of Gabe’s and is a monster of a musician. He’s been in many amazing groups but one in particular called KiF was integral in influencing our sound and we’ve worked up a set of KiF material with “Fuze” as a special guest. So far we’ve had one show together and have more on the way which is really exciting. Aside from that we haven’t considered any other artists to take on yet though you never know. 

Z – How has the exploration of Radiohead expanded the bands ability to play? 

CTS – We’ve added some equipment to our regular setup to help cover different aspects of the songs which pushed us to be able to integrate those sounds. In particular Jeff has added a foot pedal to his electric drum pad, Gabe has been playing his electric Saz one one song and John has put together a collection of percussive instruments called Slapsticks for another. Also for some of the songs we’ve been using a click live to record longer loops and have been focusing more on texture. 

Z – How did you choose to perform with  support from Tweed? 

CTS – It may have been the venue who suggested them but we gave full approval. We’ve crossed paths a few times and even played together in Jacksonville, FL once. They’re easy to get along with and they have a cool sound so it was easy for us to say yes. 

Z – What are some other bands in the scene right now that you are into/up and comers?
CTS – There are a ton of bands in the scene we love playing shows with and have grown to be good friends such as Mister F and Dopapod who we’ll be playing New Year’s Eve with. For up and comers, there is a band we used to play with back in the day called iNFiNiEN who disappeared for a little while but just returned with a new album and hopefully will be a band people start hearing about again so look out for them!
Z – What does the future hold for the band? What are you all looking forward to in the upcoming year?
CTS – We’re excited to start 2017 with a 3 week tour alongside our friends in Thank You Scientist that will go to TX, CA, AZ and more which is really exciting. When we get back we’ll likely start working on new material for our next studio album and will have some more touring beginning in March. Also we’ll have our first ever vinyl on the way of our World War Trio series so there’s a lot to look forward to.

Tickets are still available here!


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