Hey jam fans! What the funk are you doing this Saturday? I’ll tell you what the funk you’re doing, you’re going to see New Orleans prog funk slayers Earphunk at the Foundry.

As if that wasn’t cool enough, our local favorites Catullus will be getting it going as the opener. That’s what’s up now. A suggestion from us… get there for Catullus. These guys get better every time they play, and they’re deserving of some recognition. Their live show is super fun and their jams will get your feet moving. They’re on the rise.

Currently touring in support of their newest studio album, Right Where I Belong, Earphunk has really come into their own. Not many bands can say they opened for the original Meters at Jazz Fest. That, plus things like being the only band that didn’t play bluegrass at Homegrown Festival and playing festivals like Electric Forest the past few years make them a must-see.

Right Where I Belong was a new recording experience for the band, which left them very happy with the final product. Some songs that have made their way to the top of their setlists include the instrumental “Moshimo,”and the title track. The album is currently being funded through a Kickstarter campaign, and is set to be released on October 7.

We’ll see you on Saturday!

Moolah – Earphunk


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