I can’t be far off when I say that everybody has a band in their head that they believe everybody should see live, right?

Well, even if that isn’t true, I’m here to share a local act that I believe needs to be shared. For those of you who are fans of the Allman Brothers Band and the Grateful Dead, but are looking for a bit more than a tribute act, look no further than Philly’s own Old Soul Revival. 

Old Soul Revival.jpg
Image Courtesy of Artist Website/Permission from artist

This band is more than a tribute to the godfathers of jam, they throw some original songs into the mix as well as truly reviving the songs of the Allman Brothers and Grateful Dead. Their impressive knowledge of both bands catalogs coupled with some (obvious) skill results in some of the coolest mashups ever!

Starting out playing sets here and there, Old Soul Revival has recently become a lot more active on the show circuit, playing shows in Ardmore, Baltimore’s 8×10, Washington DC and Massachusetts as well as hitting local festivals.

The bands sets are intricate and highly original. Unlike your average tribute, they blend and fuse refreshing takes on classic jams. Setlists are comprised of strings like “Don’t Want You No More>It’s Not My Cross To Bear>Scarlet Begonias>Fire On The Mountain” and “Dreams>Wharf Rat>Deal,” just to name a few.

On stage the band is fronted by guitarists Marc Singer  and Jimmy Faber, with support from multi-instrumentalist Gene Isayev, bassist Mark Shewchuk, keyboard player Ben Mainwarning, and drummers Tamar Kalkstein and John DiGiovanni, with Singer and Mainwarning sharing vocals.

The group is electric in every way and are surely an act well deserving of some more spotlight in the scene. For starters, check out their fiery “Stand Back” from World Cafe Live…

With a sound like that it’s no wonder they’ve already gotten to share bills with acts of note such as Ron Holloway and Butch Trucks projects.

If I were asked to recommend a Philadelphia act to anybody looking for a great show my immediate go to these days would be Old Soul Revival. (They’ve got dates coming up in the Philadelphia area!)

Watch out for these guys and support this talented group!


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