Healthy living Larry continues to do well and bless his fans with new music. After working close with producer Cookin Soul, the two have finally released a project together. Ladies and gentleman, Orange Season is here.

This EP features a set of six, brand new songs from sir Larry, all produced by Cookin Soul. With three guest appearances on this project coming from Chuck InglishG Eazy, and Zacari, it is clear to see that Larry has expanded and received attention from other artists, due to his iconic style.

Upon first listen, Larry sounds a lot more laid back but focused on his message throughout  each song, compared to his other bodies of work. Cookin Soul’s production complements Larry in all the right places, just like we would expect. Overall, this EP is filled with great sounds, and while a calmer Larry may be new to us, I’m sure we’ll get acquainted just fine.

Below, we have provided a stream for Orange Season, via Soundcloud. Let us know your thoughts but beware, all complaints will be muffled over the sounds of Larry June’s adlibs.



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