In celebration of their latest effort, Heart Of The Mountains, West Chester’s Mason Porter will be playing the Ardmore Music Hall with support from Frog Holler and Chris Grunwald and the Slow Response.

In conjunction with the centennial celebration of the National Parks Service, Mason Porter’s Heart of the Mountains holds a theme in tune with the natural elements of the United States. Songs like  “See America,” “Yosemite,” and it’s title track reflect the bands influence by the world outside of doors.

However, this record shows more than that, Mason Porter is progressing in all aspects of their musicianship, songwriting, and live performance. The variation of songs, ranging from slow ballads like “You and I,” to the theme fitting traditional “Shenandoah,” and even more funky americana from the last track, “Yosemite.”

Vocalist, mandolin and guitarist Joe D’Amico agrees, “[Heart of the Mountain] reflects where the band is going, you get the more progressive vibe.”

In terms of their live show, D’Amico believes their sound is flowing away from their original sound into more exploratory and improvisational areas nowadays:

“My roots are in the jam world, so in the last few years it’s [felt] freeing to play more loosely.”

And that’s a fact, Mason Porter has played various Grateful Dead covers throughout the years, including a full show where the band played Workingman’s Dead from front to back. Check out the full show from 2015 here.

Well if that’s not enough to get you moving to the Ardmore Music Hall THIS FRIDAY, i’m not sure what else to say! This is a must see EP release show from an insanely talented, genre-defying local band. Come out and support these guys, and see them before they blow up even more!

Tickets here! 





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