Due to multiple forecasts predicting a large amount of rain and cooler temperatures this Saturday, 5/21, The Ardmore Music Hall has taken precautionary measures for it’s 2 day outdoor festival Live From The Lot. All performances have been relocated to the Electric Factory and the production team from the Ardmore will be building a second stage inside the venue to accommodate all artists for the day.

The post-headliner Everyone Orchestra set will also be held at the Electric Factory at 10:30p. All performances for Sunday, including the Dead Brunch and after-party with Pink Talking Fish will be held outside and will take place at the Ardmore.

Read the full announcement posted on their Facebook page here:

We’re so excited for what will be a very special LFTL weekend. As you may know, the forecast for this Saturday in Philly is bleak; we’ve consulted 2 meteorologists and have been checking every weather site obsessively. Predictions are clear: inch + of rain and 60 degrees, enough to make the day very uncomfortable, with the possibility of a forced cancellation- which we do not view as an option given the incredible talent coming to town.

Here’s the call: all Saturday programming will be moved indoors to the Electric Factory in Philadelphia. SUNDAY WILL REMAIN IN ARDMORE AS SCHEDULED, where we expect sunshine and a tremendous celebration. We are so thankful that our friends at EF are available and willing to accommodate; we feel confident that this is the best case scenario for all involved, especially the artists and all of you, the fans!

As a team we have worked tirelessly over the past 48 hours to make the best and most informed decision, with the ultimate goal of prioritizing the weekend-long experience for everyone. Moving inside The Ardmore Music Hall was not an option given the amount of musicians and capacity of the space, nor was tenting the parking lot. We’re stoked to have the entire Philadelphia music community coming together to pull this off, and especially grateful for the Electric Factory as a welcoming host; that is a tremendous blessing. We hope you will all understand and support this decision, and rally behind us and the incredible bands that will be performing.

What you need to know:
Our amazing production team is going to build a 2nd stage in the Electric Factory- unprecedented!- to ensure that ALL performers get to play as scheduled.

The Everyone Orchestra show (Sat. 5/21, 10:30 PM) will take place at the Electric Factory, following Snarky Puppy, on Saturday night. Tickets are available online and will be available at the Electric Factory box office the day of show for $15.

Our Ardmore Music Hall team will of course be there to celebrate with everyone and help create a magical experience; we’ll bring our small venue vibe to the famed Factory space in numerous ways.

VIP tickets will remain as advertised, as we have worked with the Factory to create a space that delivers on all of our promises from reserved seating, to a private bar, and much more
Re-entry will be allowed, just as it will be in the parking lot in Ardmore

Electron w/ Tom Hamilton’s American Babies, on Friday night 5/20, will take place as scheduled in Ardmore.

We thank you for your excitement and support, and cannot wait to beat the rain and enjoy an amazing weekend with everyone. For any and all questions, please email info@ardmoremusichall.com and we will answer promptly.

Game on!

See you all this weekend!! 


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