The class-action lawsuit of Schlesinger v. Ticketmaster has finally come to an end. For those of you who are unfamiliar, here’s what you need to know:

If you are an avid live music event attendee, then you know how frustrating buying tickets online can be. You must be familiar of that dreaded feeling of buying your favorite artist’s ticket, only to be hit at the end of the transaction by unnecessary online-order processing fees. Many times I have found myself questioning why I am paying for them and where does this money go. Sometimes the only way to get around these fees is to buy tickets at the box office only, but more recently, you aren’t always safe there either.

With what started in 1999, this class-action lawsuit has finally been settled and the results are here. If you happened to have purchased a ticket from Tickmaster between October 21, 1999 through February 27, 2013, then you are one of the 50 million class members who will be rewarded a piece of the settlement. Class members will be receiving discount codes, ranging from $2.25-$5.00 off future ticket prices, in their email and Ticketmaster accounts starting in June.

Along with discount codes, class members will also be receiving ticket codes that could potentially be used to redeem free concert tickets, by next year. For this to happen, the class member group as a whole must not surpass the amount of discount codes used equaling $10.5 million. If the amount of codes does not equate to $10.5 million, Ticketmaster will be forced to give away 100 free tickets to each concert on their website.

Wow! What a time to be alive. It’s about time Ticketmaster pay for all of those service fees that seem to go nowhere but the company’s pockets. It’s understandable that they need to make a profit at the end of the day, but to what extent?

For more official information regarding this case, please visit


Written by Miles Riddle

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