Fledgling supergroup The New Stew will be bringing a super special show to the Ardmore Music Hall on Friday, May 6 where they will perform Bill Withers – Live At Carnegie Hall in its entirety!

Put together specifically for this tour, The New Stew boasts tremendous amounts of talent and renown in the worlds of improvisational rock and dance bands.

The lineup is ridiculous, including Roosevelt Collier on his famous pedal steel and lap steel guitars, Corey Glover of In Living Colour and Galactic on vocals, Yonrico Scott of the Derek Trucks Band and Royal Southern Brotherhood on percussion, Dave Yoke of Susan Tedeschi Band and Dr. John on the six string, Jared Stone of Stone’s Stew on drums, and Matt Slocum of Oteil and the Peacemakers and Col. Bruce Hampton & Aquarium Rescue Unit fame on the keys.

When Matt Slocum got the call from guitarist Dave Yoke, he knew the band was going to mesh super well. He has played with everybody in the group in other projects, with Corey Glover being the only exception.

“The chemistry is there for sure,” told Slocum “there’s really a lot of room to expand the music and put our own take on [the music].

The New Stew will be playing one of the most well known live albums of all time from beginning to end, but what’s really exciting about this performance is that the members of the group will be putting their own spin on things.

“We’re not doing it note for note and we’ll be using different instrumentation,” said Slocum of the upcoming performance “I’m honored to play his music.”

Withers performance at Carnegie Hall solidified his role as one of the most influential singer-songwriters of his time. The New Stew will definitely bring this legendary performance some well-deserved tribute.

The band members are all currently touring with other projects and will be starting this tour this Thursday in Cincinnati. Coming fresh off of their other projects and starting a new tour will be fun to watch, the excitement of playing with a whole new group should be a driving force behind the shows.

Being originally from the northeast, Slocum also noted his excitement to play in New York at the Brooklyn Bowl and in Philadelphia at the Ardmore Music Hall.

The New Stew will be stopping by Ardmore on their second tour date, THIS FRIDAY May 6! Do NOT miss this special opportunity to see an immensely talented supergroup play one of the best albums of all time!




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