If I had to choose one band on the road these days to follow around the country, it would be The Nth Power. Formed during a 3 am impromptu jam session during Jazz Fest in New Orleans, the lineup reads like a new age supergroup; Guitarist Nick Cassarino holds up the front wit his powerful voice and hip-hop/soul infused guitar playing. Bassist Nate Edgar grooves and jives like a madman, holding down the bottom end with force. Percussionist Weedie Braimah is descended from multiple generations of master African drummers and showcases his skill and talent with amazing solos and accentuates the rhythm section along with former Dumpstaphunk and Beyonce drummer Nikki Glaspie on the set.

The new funk scene is full of immense talent with bands like Lettuce, Turkuaz, The Motet, The Nth Power and Dumpstaphunk leading the charge and taking festivals and nationwide tours by storm.

While touring this spring, the Nth Power was tapped by the Motet to coheadline at the TLA and other stops. Their shows with the Motet will be a family affair; both bands have known each other through music for a long time.

“We’re really good friends with all of those guys,” told drummer Nikki Glaspie, “I know Garrett, the bass player, from Boston.”

In addition to collegiate ties with members of the Motet, bassist Nate Edgar’s brother is now playing with the Motet.

After touring with Béyonce for a number of years, Glaspie has found that she is finally doing exactly what she wants to be doing in music.

“I wanted to play music that spoke to me,” told Glaspie of the Nth Power “having this band is definitely a dream come true.”

While all of the modern funk/jam acts touring today all bring a crazy amount of energy to every room, the Nth Power add something a little extra: LOVE. It seems to be the biggest driving force behind the band, they all love what they’re doing, their fans and their peers and it reflects in their live show.

Any experience with this band is more than just a concert; it is a spiritual experience that will leave an incredible impression upon any music fan.

As far as the show at the TLA goes, expect some cross-band jamming and an unforgettable funk storm!

In the meantime, check out the Nth Power’s newest video release – “Right Now”



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