On a very psychedelic Easter Sunday, the Golden Gate Wingmen brought their Grateful Dead influenced musical stylings to Ardmore for a packed house.

Together guitarist John Kadlecik (Further, DSO), keyboard player Jeff Chimenti (Dead & Co), bassist Reed Mathis (Billy & The Kids, Tea Leaf Green), and drummer Jay Lane (Ratdog) have curated their own take on Grateful Dead classics as well as throwing their own songs and favorites into their repertoire.

Last night, the Wingmen got the whole room moving and grooving to an impressive setlist. Opening up the night with an upbeat “Liberty,” sung by Kadlecik, directly into “Ramble On Rose,” sung by Mathis, the show was sure to be a treat.

The first set also included a great series of jams including a cover of Bob Dylan’s “She Belongs To Me,” and was concluded with a stellar and funk heavy “Shakedown Street.”

Set two saw the band blast straight into a crowd pleasing Help on The Way > Slipknot! >Franklin’s Tower, with solos for most of the band. The middle of the set was extremely impressive from the whole band as well, but drummer Jay Lane had a jaw-dropping solo, really putting him in the spotlight. At times it seemed Mathis would take a break just to watch the master drummer at work.

All in all the Wingmen showed out very strong and proved their reputation as musicians to be true. These guys are the very best in the Dead scene today. They are just about as close as we’re going to get in terms of old school improvisational jam music.

Check the full show stream from last night:



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