In the realm of the bluegrass genre, as in many other genres, there are a plethora of subgenres that fuse together many other elements of music in their sound. Jamgrass, slamgrass, newgrass – the list goes on. In a time where the pure bluegrass sound is a rare find, North Carolina’s Town Mountain sticks to the roots and brings their classic, purely string driven bluegrass sound wherever the road takes them.

Town Mountain hails from Asheville, North Carolina. They will be touring this April in support of their latest effort titled Southern Crescent, which will be released as the first record out of the brand new LoHi Records.

(LoHi Records was created by singer-songwriter Todd Snider and Railroad Earth’s Tim Carbone!!)

Southern Crescent finds the band churning out songs to make any bluegrass fan happy. From the melancholy love song “House With No Windows,” to the hard-driving “Tick On A Dog,” this album is a true testament to the roots of their genre.

Lead vocalist and guitar player Robert Greer’s powerful, countrified lyrics and voice add a touch of southern twang to each song. Mandolin player Phil Barker and banjo player Jesse Langlais add vocal depth with their beautiful harmonies, as well as tremendous talent on their respective instruments while fiddle player Bobby Britt and bassist Nick DiSebastian are able to bring the sound all together with their skillful picking and swinging.

Southern Crescent holds a lot of songs that, in true country bluegrass fashion, deal with love, loss, homecoming, and being on the road. It plays like an ode to their roots in the south, but even the sadder songs make for a great dancin’ tune.

All in all, the album is a great listen through and through for the bluegrass fan. Town Mountain is a perfect introduction for somebody who is looking to get into the genre with some classic sounding style.

Town Mountain will be stopping by the Tin Angel in Philadelphia on April 10. Check them out! If you do, make sure to bring a great dance partner, their tunes will get you moving!

Check out the making of Southern Crescent :


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