Two huge Philadelphia acts are going to grace the stage at the Fillmore this Thursday.

I mean, if you’re an alternative rock fan in the Philadelphia area, you already know that Dr. Dog is playing once this month and once next month at the Fillmore. At this point, Dr. Dog is a staple in the indie/alternative rock scene, but at the same time it’s pretty hard to put a label on which genre they fall into.

With their latest release, or reissue, Psychedelic Swamp, they’re bringing their lo-fi, multi-faceted sound from their beginnings into the forefront of their live act. With all of their other tunes, they’ll have you dancing and smiling or just watching and feeling everything. Need I go on? It’s Dr. Dog. You get it. I get it. They’re good.

The supporting act is a personal favorite Philadelphia based alternative/grunge/rock act- Hop Along.

Fronted by vocalist and guitarist Frances Quinlan, with support from her brother Mark, Tyler Long, and Joe Reinhart. Their sound is unique, powerful, and melodious. Frances Quinlan’s vocals are maturing with each new song but remain youthful and poetic. The band will rock your socks off. Hop Along is truly a must see for Philadelphia music fans.

Their most recent release, Painted Shut, has the band showing their tremendous growth as a band and solidifying their sound. Here’s a favorite of mine from the new album:

Hop Along co-opened for the boys from the Swamp last year at the Skyline Stage at the Mann Center. The only grievance I have with their performance was that they were the first to play.

My suggestion for you all is: Instead of wearing green and drinking all day and then fighting someone – come out and support local music this Saint Patrick’s Day!


*featured image courtesy of artist website*


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