Beloved Vermont jam quartet, Twiddle, will be performing this Friday night at the Theatre of Livings Arts in Philadelphia.

In support of their latest studio album, Plump, Twiddle has been on their Plumperdump Winter 2016 tour since February. Releasing their fourth studio album on December 3rd of last year, it’s been clear to see that the band had some big things brewing in 2016.


At the conclusion of this winter tour, Twiddle gets a two week break before the start of their Spring/Summer tour. Playing around the country at various venues and music festivals, including their own Tumble Down Music Festival in July, Twiddle intends to share their uplifting songs and bring the heat to as many fans as possible, this summer. Twiddle will also be opening up for The String Cheese Incident their tour stop in New York this July.

If you haven not listened to Twiddle’s latest album, we suggest you do immediately. Twiddle is known for their happy, good spirited songs that feature upbeat lyrics and a mixture of improvisational funk. Being from Vermont, you know these guys know how to put it down. Having to share the state of Vermont with the improvisational beast that is Phishyou can imagine that some of their influence has trickled backwards down the number line.

To listen to the album, you can visit Twiddle’s Bandcamp. To get tickets to the show, visit here. Twiddle always puts on a show, so you are not going to want to miss this!



Written by Miles Riddle

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