It’s dancing time yet again! February just doesn’t stop. It’s an onslaught of great music in the Philadelphia area.

Guitar virtuoso and musical chameleon Keller Williams will be throwing down this Saturday 2/13 at the TLA on South Street.

Widely known as one of the most talented guitarists on the festival and bluegrass circuits, Williams has toured with bands of his own making that span the entire spectrum of music. He’s toured solo, with a bluegrass band, a funk band, a rock band and has guested with various artists around the United States and beyond.

This time around drummer Rodney Holmes, guitarist Gibb Droll, and bassist Danton Boller will join Keller on tour. This new project is known as the Keller Williams KWahtro. One can only speculate that this outfit will be performing jazzy, danceable renditions of Keller Williams originals.

One thing is for certain: any time Keller Williams gets up on the stage it’s a dance party. This guy is a wizard on any string instrument and originally gained recognition by touring solo, utilizing his skill with the loop station and various instruments to create a captivating and impressive show.

Also joining Keller at the TLA and a couple of other dates for this winter tour is Scranton bluegrass rising stars Cabinet. They have also become a household name in the bluegrass community throughout the years, expanding their fanbase and touring all over the country with a variety of talented acts.

Keller Williams is going to throw it down with an ear-to-ear smile! He may be the happiest performer I have ever had the pleasure of seeing, and he will not disappoint. (Do I say that about every show?)


Grab your tickets! No regrets! Come out and have a blast!





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