Funk powerhouse Lettuce will be stopping at the TLA on January 16 while touring in support of their latest album – Crush.

Straight out of the Big Apple, this group boasts a lineup of superbly talented musicians. The members – Adam “Shmeeans” Smirnoff (Guitar), Adam Deitch (Drums), Erick “Jesus” Coomes (Bass), Ryan Zoidis (Sax), Eric Krasno (Guitar), Neal Evans (Organ/Keys), and Eric Bloom (Trumpet), bring in a variety of influences to make their brand of funk truly one of a kind. Krasno and Evans are also members of Soulive, another great soul/funk act.

Crush is an extremely well produced album that does a great job of mixing songs that have the “classic” Lettuce sound, like “The Force,” and “Chief,” with songs like “Phyllis,” which find the band exploring their sound.

They’re coming off of a hot NYE performance in Chicago, onto Jam Cruise and then straight into a US tour.. I’ve got a good feeling about this. If i’m being truthful, there’s not one song that Lettuce has put out that I don’t enjoy. The new album is great; the band has been firing on all cylinders lately.

If you don’t’ make it out to the TLA you’re doing it wrong!

Listen up!  CRUSH: 


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