Now that 2016 is finally here, why not kick it off the right way with some new music! Today’s pick comes from Bay Area rapper Larry June.

Larry June released his third full-sized mixtape, Sock It To Me, on January 1. Produced completely by Taylor Gang’s very own Sledgren, Larry delivers his trademarked rhymes over some serious production.

If you have never heard of Larry June before, this mixtape will be a great introduction. After one listen, it will be clear to you that Larry is hear to stay. While he advocates for a healthy lifestyle, Larry June is far from soft. His lyrics paint the picture of someone who has seen real struggle but is still relatable to the common man just trying to make it. I have a feeling that 2016 will be a hot year for music, and Sock It To Me is no exception.

To listen, you can stream the mixtape below or visit Larry June’s Soundcloud page. Check out Larry’s other music, as well as merchandise at

Yes Lord!


Written by Miles Riddle

Lend me your ears

One comment

  1. yeaaa baby, sock it to me! larry june’s ad libs alone are noteworthy. sledgren comes correct as usual . this tape is reminiscent of that classic 2007-2010 Wiz Khalifa sound mixed with a more trappier, west coast vibe. rest assured, we’re stayin healthy in 2016.

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