Pigeons Playing Ping Pong is, without a doubt, the funkiest alliteration on the planet!

No, seriously, these guys are one of the hottest bands on the rise in the jam and festival scenes. The funky quartet is bringing their tour to the Ardmore Music Hall this Saturday. In celebration of the release of the new Star Wars film, the boys from Baltimore want to wish you one thing – May the FUNK be with you!

Lead by the ever-energetic Greg Ormont on vocals and rhythm guitar, true shredder Jeremy Schon on lead guitar, Ben Carrey throwing down like a maniac on the bass and Alex Petropulos holding it all together on the drums, these four Pigeons know how to put a smile on even the most skeptical concert goer.

After a couple of really great years touring heavily on the East Coast and nationwide, the band has gained a vast following of devoted fans known lovingly as the Flock. With only two albums released – “Funk EP” in 2010 and “Psychology” in 2014, the band has been able to gain their following through truly establishing themselves as road warriors.

Their touring schedule is vast and intense (200 shows per year according to their website!!!) They’ve performed at almost every festival in the East Coast that I can think of, from Catskill Chill to Peach Fest, All Good, and The Werk Out, and their own festival – Domefest.

Through jamming on original compositions along with playing covers from bands like Phish, Led Zeppelin and The Dead, the raw talent is undeniable.

For example, this past October they combined their own music with a full set of Grateful Dead and Led Zeppelin songs with names like “Horize of the World” and “Help Sleppelin > Franklins Lights.”



As you can see, a Pigeons show really is something else. The music is tight as hell, but it’s not just the concert that keeps the Flock coming back for more. The band enhances each performance with a killer stage presence, choreographed routines, and a general hilarity that you won’t see anywhere else.

If you’re 21 and looking for something fun to do this weekend, do yourself a favor and head over to Ardmore on Saturday to catch these guys bring out the jams!


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