*Featured image courtesy of artist website*

Every now and then I find myself stuck listening to a certain genre of music for days at a time. I am only able to listen to one artist at a time due to a song of theirs that I hear in passing that gets me moving.

As we I speak, I am stuck in the world of EDM. As many of you know EDM, or electronic dance music, contains a vast amount of different styles and sounds. From soothing drum & bass to heavy 808’s and snare-filled trap, the spectrum inside EDM varies greatly.

The artist who has captured my attention most recently goes by the name Giraffage. Giraffage is an electronic music producer from San Francisco, California. He is best known for his ability to create melodic, ambient sounds mixed with hip-hop influenced percussion and a creative use of samples. He is quickly becoming one of my new favorites and has been on repeat this entire week.

Check out his song “Feels” off of his second studio album Needs below. Let me know what you think of this record and be sure to also visit Giraffage’s website to explore all of his music.


Written by Miles Riddle

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