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Greetings Internet friends and welcome to the first edition of Friday Jams!

In an effort to expand on the genres of music represented on the website, and to help you gain a bit of insight into the range of my musical taste, I will do my best to post about what I’ve been listening to lately.

The type of music I listen to changes as rapidly as the weather. Yeah I know, I know. It probably seems like I solely listen to jam music and bluegrass, but I promise that is not so! Ya gotta believe me!

(I just want to go on record here: there’s NOTHING wrong with jam music, it’s amazing.)

I was raised listening to a myriad of different genres. Growing up, my mom seemed to always listening to show tunes, folk, and acoustic. During my formative years my older brother got me into more music than he probably knows.

Through those avenues, and eventually along with the company of my best friends, my personal musical canon became somewhat vast and eclectic. This appreciation for the wide variety of music that I am a fan of today is something that I pride myself upon. The purpose of these Friday posts is mostly for your enjoyment, but it is also an excuse for me to get back in touch with my past musical loves.

From time to time as I peruse the vast expanse that is my ITunes library, I’ll stumble upon a song I haven’t listened to in a while. Consequently this will trigger some inner dialogue that usually starts off with “Man, you’ve got to get back into this stuff!”


Well, this week I fell back in love with a certain type of metal. Now, there are many subgenres to metal and different definitions of what type of music is or is not “metal.”

In this case, I’m talking about Doom Metal. I don’t know what it is about that nasty fuzz and reverb that gets me, but it does. I can recall listening to Mastodon for the first time in the 9th grade and having something about that super heavy, low and slow sound resonate with me in a way I still cannot describe.

Bands like Red Fang, Om, and Electric Wizard go under the radar at this point in my life. Every time I fall back into a doom phase, I don’t know why I stopped listening.

That being said, I would like to give a huge shout out to doom metal. You are a beautiful, brutal, psyched out and irreplaceable part of my soul. Now join me in a journey through the mind and enjoy a personal favorite… I give you

Sleep – Dragonaut


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