Friday night had those in attendance at the Underground Arts feeling the heat of some tasty jams from Consider The Source and Kung Fu.

CTS opened things up and took no time getting right into some face melting solos from lead guitarist Gabriel Marin on his signature double-neck fretless guitar and some spacy, metalesque jams. The trio out of NYC was the perfect start for the jam hungry audience and they did not disappoint.

As a first timer for these guys, it took me a little bit to get acclimated to their show, but I walked away that night with a solid appreciation for what they do. I wasn’t expecting their middle eastern influences to be so apparent, but it was cool to see how CTS can blend and bend different genres into an explosion of modern day jam music.


… And then came Kung Fu. The veteran late night grandmasters started chopping up the funk right away with a high-energy opener of “Bringing Up The Rear,” followed by a rocking version of “Gold Coast.”

The night raged on and the crowd didn’t seem to lose an ounce of energy from start to finish. Guitarist Tim Palmieri, saxophone player Rob Somerville, and bassist Chris DeAngelis took turns leading the band through originals “Primtime Rib,” “Get Down,” “Chin Music,” and “Vulcan Worlds,” followed by a funked out cover of DJ/producer Thundercat’s “Oh Shit It’s X.”


Kung Fu’s furious style was on point. The audience was feeling their set so much they had some of the crowd jumping for joy on top of the couches and chairs in the back of the venue’s smaller room!

The night’s set of music ended with three more originals – “Daddy D,” a very fun “Hollywood Kisses,” and “Do The Right Thing,” and an equally energetic two song encore of “Don’t You Know,” and “Joyride.”


Talk about some extreme shredding from both bands! CTS and Kung Fu are definitely some must-see bands on the festival scene.

Check out the full gallery!


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