Railroad Earth brought their Horn O’ Plenty celebration back to the Sherman Theater in Stroudsburg, PA on Friday and Saturday nights this past weekend. I had the pleasure of attending Friday night’s two set performance as my first dedicated RRE show and they brought about some fantastic jams both new and old. (My first time seeing them, I should add, was this past summer at the Dark Star Jubilee.) Something else I would like to note is that the crowd was extremely diverse in age, which I love to see. From the youngest of children to the oldest of old– everyone was equally invested the music.


My personal favorites from the night that I got to check off the ol’ wish list include: “Been Down This Road,” “Chasin’ A Rainbow,” “Dandelion Wine,” and “Grandfather Mountain.”

Overall, I couldn’t have asked for a better time. I could only stay in the photo pit for so long, I just had to get out there in the audience.

On a somewhat related note: In my experience, some of the happiest crowds I’ve ever encountered are the bluegrass crowds. There’s never any drama, nobody is really that aggressive to get to a certain spot on the floor, and the folks always leave each other room to dance… at least that’s how it seems to me. So thanks, bluegrass audiences, for leaving a good impression!

Unfortunately, I was only able to catch Friday’s show and missed out on Danny Louis of Gov’t Mule sitting in with the band last night, which I heard was really great.

The good news is, I snapped some pictures from Friday’s show AND included the set list below for your viewing pleasure (via their Facebook page!) Enjoy and be sure to check the full gallery from Friday’s show on the Earnuggets Facebook page!


*Setlist via Railroad Earth Facebook page*

Set 1:

Everything Comes Together
Dance Around Molly –>
Dandelion Wine
Drag Him Down
Been Down This Road
The Forecast –>
When the Sun Gets in Your Blood
Crossing the Gap
Farewell to Isinglass (A) –>
Chasin’ a Rainbow

Set 2:

Cold Water
Bowling Green
Came Up Smilin’
Lone Croft Farewell
Old Man and the Land
The Cuckoo –>
Tore Up Over You
Grandfather Mountain
Untitled Instrumental (A)
12 Wolves
New Lee Highway Blues –>
Peace on Earth


Wayfaring Stranger

(A) — First time played, instrumentals
written by John Skehan


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