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A couple of years ago, a good friend of mine turned me on to the legendary classic rock stylings of The Band. I haven’t stopped listening to them since.

Never before have I seen a band that is full of such talented musicians. They all seem to sync up so well, they each have songs that they sing, and the music they made together is timeless.

Their last concert together happened on this day in 1976 at the Winterland Ballroom in San Francisco. The legendary concert was documented by Martin Scorcese, immortalized in a must-see film,“The Last Waltz.” The Band brought out many talented guest performers such as Neil Young, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, and Muddy Waters.

In honor of the anniversary of this momentous concert, I figured it’s only appropriate to share my favorite performances from that night.

Enjoy “The Shape I’m In” and “I Shall Be Released” from The Last Waltz.

(Honorable mentions: Ophelia, Don’t Do It, Helpless w/ Neil Young)

The Shape I’m In

I Shall Be Released


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