Michal Menert has been steadily advancing his sound and pushing boundaries within a scene he helped build since the mid-2000’s.  From the start, his music has been consistently genuine.  Menert distinguishes each album from the last by giving them all a unique thematic feeling, and this has never been truer than in his newest endeavor with The Pretty Fantastics.

In just 30 minutes and 50 seconds time, you’ll ride the ebbs of drawn out psychedelic tones and flows of beautiful melodies created by synths, horns, keys, vocals, and guitars.  Each song, its own entity, manages to come together to easily capture an array of human emotions. Starting with a playfully groovy introduction, Menert’s poised voice guides you through self-actualized lyrics and diverse musical stylings toward a literal “Lullabye.”

This new album, 1, proves again that Menert works well with others.  His five accompanying band members, Marcelo Moxy, AC Lao, Daniel De Lisle, Will Glazier, and Matt van den Heuvel shine through on their respective instruments to help create a bona fide body of sample-free music that accentuates their frontman’s talents as a songwriter, musician, and producer.  Be sure to catch Michal Menert and the Pretty Fantastics on tour all over the US this fall as it is sure to be unlike anything we’ve ever seen him do before.

If you’re in Philly, you’re in luck. Menert and the Fantastics are kicking off the tour this coming Thursday night at CODA. Tickets are available here.

PS – Menert and crew have been known to be down for after parties, so be on the lookout for an after hours throwdown in your hometown. (Sorry about the rhyme)


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