Allen Stone Festival Pier Ear Nuggets
Allen Stone

Those of us in attendance at Festival Pier in Philadelphia on Friday night could not have asked for a more beautiful evening. Mother nature provided us with a bit of a respite from the humidity that so oft plagues our city in late August. Perhaps it was her way of apologizing for the fact that for so many people, summer is coming to an end and we’re approaching the last handful of events at the newly renovated outdoor music venue on the edge of the Delaware River. But with a slight breeze coming off the water and a full moon, the night matched up with the tunes perfectly, and for a few hours we forgot that Monday would suck again.

Allen Stone Festival Pier Philadelphia Ear Nuggets
Allen Stone

Though much of the crowd seemed to be a bit thrown off by an early start time (I overheard several people arrive after Stone’s set and become very disappointed to learn they had already missed him) by the end of Allen Stone’s rousing, soulful set, he had the audience begging for more. Though, of course, the headlining act was OAR, it was evident that we could easily have done with more Allen Stone.

Allen Stone Ear Nuggets Festival Pier Philadelphia
Allen Stone

Allen Stone took us through a journey of older tunes combined with some of the best tracks like “American Privilege,” “Unaware” off his latest album, Radius. And, of course, no concert is complete without its covers, of which, Stone offered a couple prime choices. His rendition of “I Shot the Sheriff” almost makes you forget that the Bob Marley version is overplayed and could well be retired. The same actually could be said for Stone’s next cover, Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know.” I had finally, thankfully, completely forgotten about that song until Stone whipped it out of nowhere. I forgot that for a time it was good. And Stone made it even better.

With recently announced fall dates, we can only hope he returns to us soon. Check out more photos from last weekend over at our facebook page and click here for more show reviews and photo galleries! And of course, check our concert calendar so you don’t miss out on any more great artists coming through Philly!


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