Cripes I’ve never had such a bad case of TGIF in my life. I’m exhausted. BUT, we’ve reached the end of the week and thanks to weird new “rules”? I guess? Friday is now the industry day to release new music world wide. This is weird. I feel like you can theoretically release music whenever the damn hell you feel like it but hey, what do I know?

We’ve got a special treat today as we have the exclusive premier of New York singer-songwriter, Mike Hubbard, latest single, “Soldiers” off of his upcoming album.

Album Art Rockwood 8-30

An incredibly relatable song with producer Jason Finkel, Hubbard’s latest track provides a prime example of not only his vocal range, but his songwriting and arranging. A tune of growing up, Mike says, “Soldiers” is something of a “…millennial anthem” for those of us who started out with big dreams and are now lowly music bloggers.

…Okay that’s not quite what he said…

“Back when we were young and in high school,” Hubbard actually said, “it always seemed that everyone had their grandiose plans of what they wanted to fight for, who they wanted to be, and what their lives would become.”


“As the years passed, a lot of us realized that the world is much bigger, harsher, and more real than our upbringings may have let on. So being an astronaut isn’t necessarily realistic, but sitting in a cubicle in front of a computer and working on other people’s finances is.”

While my paralyzing fears of numbers and heights makes both of these options sound terrible, but I see what he’s saying. Sadly, my 5’6″ frame never allowed me to realize my dream of becoming a professional ice hockey player and as such, I can look forward to a daily commute and maybe even a daily choice of suits and ties.

Have no fear, if you’re still reading and haven’t listened yet, the song addresses these issues while not sounding like a horribly morose Sarah McLachlan Save the Puppies commercial.

We’re very excited to host the premier of Mike Hubbard’s latest single, “Soldiers,” and even more excited that he’ll be performing live this coming Sunday night at Rockwood Music Hall’s Stage 2. Oh… Did I mention it’s FREE!


Mike Hubbard @ Rockwood Music Hall

Mike Hubbard: Web | Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter


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