Several months ago as we neared the beginning of summer, I brought to your attention a fantastic new album by Allen Stone. I had mentioned that I sadly had not familiarized myself with his catalog of works nearly enough as I knew I should have, and admitting your mistakes is the first step in solving them, right?

Well if that’s the first step, I completed it. Allen Stone has been on repeat much of the season and it’s been a great summer. Now, you all have a chance to join me in completing step two, seeing Allen Stone live in concert at a fantastic venue. Check out a list of great shows this weekend below and as always, check out our concert calendar here for all our favorite upcoming shows!


Allen Stone @ Festival Pier *EDITOR’S PICK*

I’ve been dying to see this guy for the last several months. At first it didn’t look like Stone would be making it our way this year, and then I noticed that he was OAR’s opener for this Friday’s Festival Pier show at Penn’s Landing. Interesting that he’ll be a supporting act, but hey, beggar’s can’t be choosers, right? Something like that.

Anyway, while Citizen Cope will surely put on a fantastic show Friday night at the TLA, this is our place to be to kick off your weekend. Kick off your shoes, enjoy the non-native sand on the pier, grab a beer, and let Allen Stone sooth you into your weekend. And just a note, as I mentioned, Allen Stone is direct support for OAR, so make sure you get there early!!

XPN presents Citizen Cope (Full Band) @ TLA

Obviously a great choice for Friday evening as well. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him a few times, including my first ever TLA show over 10 years ago. Check this man out as he plays with a full backing band this Friday night!


Delta Rae (with support from Liz Longley!) @ World Cafe Live at the Queen, Wilmington, DE

Local singer-songwriter will be opening this great show just south of the city in Wilmington. The great Delta Rae will be headlining, making this a fantastic option for your Saturday night. Yes, you have to enter Delaware, but I promise it’ll be worth it. Delta Rae has been on fire, lately and getting lots of play on station’s like XPN, so we very much look forward to an inspiring show at the beautiful and intimate World Cafe Live at the Queen. Check out Delta Rae’s latest album, After it All below!


Lenny Kravitz @ The Mann Center

Do I need to say anything about this? He’s the man. And he’ll be at the Mann. And I promise, when I first wrote this, I didn’t have any intention of that linguistic play, but hey, these things happen, and I’m not about to deprive you. Check out Lenny Kravitz at the Mann on Sunday and let’s not forget this gem from my childhood, pre-youtube. If this doesn’t still get you going… I’m not sure I want to know you.


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