If I could have a walk in anthem like a WWE wrestler, Infuze’s remix of Delta Heavy’s “Ghost” would be it.

Delta Heavy have been one of my favorite bass producers for a while ever since the release of their track “Hold Me“. I had heard this original and it’s a great drum and bass track providing great atmosphere and energy. Somehow, Infuze took that same energy and atmosphere, and managed to double it while creating one of the best Trap songs that has come out lately.

Opening the song up with a vocal intro helps set the tone for the rest of the song, however, that doesn’t last for long as the synths build into a massive sexy drop. The flurry of synths backed by a sub base and supported with the vocals all comes together so smooth. Smoother than it should surprisingly. Infuze isn’t done yet though. Giving you just enough time to breathe, he drops right back into it with trap horns that make you feel like you can take on John Cena in a ladder match at WrestleMania XXXI.

But in seriousness, Infuze has a style I have not heard before which is refreshing in today’s EDM world. By mixing up the hard beats of trap music with progressive synths and chords, he is able to create beautiful yet powerful tracks. If you’re looking for more Infuze goodness, I highly suggest you go check out his collaboration with Proper Villains out on Firepower Records called “Galaxia” or his remix of RL Grime’s “Core”.



Written by Dan Jandreau

Born and raised in small town Maine but have migrated to (somewhat) civilization. Portland resident who loves all things electronic related. Current DJ at anywhere that will let me play. Likes hard hitting beats. Dislikes onions.

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