Yeah this post has literally nothing to do with anything that’s been discussed on this site before and if you’re looking for some kind of relationship between this video and what we do here at Ear Nuggets… all I got for you is that the background music is from our homie Griz.

I wanted to share this video with you for a few reasons.

1. This is bad ass. I don’t care who you are, machines with cameras flying around at high speed and crashing is bad ass. Don’t believe me? This movie seemed to do pretty well.

2. Griz, of course.

3. Talk about revenge of the nerds. Are you kidding me? These guys are playing with robots and getting girls like that? Are we serious right now? I’ve been backstage with artists and their groupies. NONE of them are this hot.

4. On a serious note drones will destroy us all and if you don’t believe me then you haven’t been casually strolling at a music festival and heard a buzz only to turn around to see a drone just staring you in the face ready to murder you at any second.  Big brother. Surveillance. All of the above. We’re all screwed. BUT at least we can watch this shit before it all goes down.


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