Australian synthpop/rockers Strange Talk are sneaky.  The group flew under the radar last week, quietly releasing a shimmery new single, “Something’s Bout to Change,” via SoundCloud (the track won’t hit iTunes until July 28th).  The track is quite a different direction for the band––think more Daft Punk-flavored (hear that ominous robotic voice loop?), disco dance extravaganza.

In the week following the track’s release, Strange Talk’s Instagram account has been hinting that something, in fact, is about to change.  My gut tells me we may be hearing about the follow-up to last year’s Cast Away, the band’s first LP.  If this is Strange Talk’s new direction, I’m on board!

Until we have official word, add “Something’s Bout to Change” to your dance party playlist.

And for comparison, “Young Hearts” from their last LP.

Find Strange Talk on Facebook, Twitter (@Strange_Talk), Instagram (@strangetalkmusic), SoundCloud, and iTunes.

Written by Conor

Photojournalist based in Philadelphia. Occasional writer. Always wondering what became of Luke Skywalker's X-Wing after he arrived at Cloud City.

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