Never heard of Joyryde? Don’t worry, neither had I until today which is surprising considering he’s supported by the likes of Tchami, Knife Party, DJ BL3ND, and Eptic. Mike sent me over “Speed Trap” and I was honestly wary. With a Soundcloud label of “SWURVE HOUSE”, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Dirty, gritty, underground synths backed up by trap horns is what I got into.

I like it. A lot. Way more than I probably should.

“Speed Trap” starts out with a trap intro with a verse on top. However, this quickly changes as the future house kicks in with a simple melody and a vocal hook only to be thrown right in the middle of a drop. The way Joyryde is able to amplify the energy bar after bar is pretty awesome as he does it with a variety of sounds that would normally be dysfunctional but not now. Probably one of my favorite parts of the song is the breakdown where he re-introduces the verse and vocal hook being supported by a dirty synth. In an era where a lot of future house is starting to meld, songs like “Speed Trap” are super refreshing.

If you’re looking for more Joyryde, go check out his soundcloud for other energizing tracks like “FLO” and “Mercy“. While you’re there, be sure to give a listen to his “Cruise Control” Mixtape!


Written by Dan Jandreau

Born and raised in small town Maine but have migrated to (somewhat) civilization. Portland resident who loves all things electronic related. Current DJ at anywhere that will let me play. Likes hard hitting beats. Dislikes onions.

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