When I search for music I’m always looking for songs that catch my ear. Songs that are not the same sound used over and over again. So when I heard “Shine” by the Swedish wonder that is Middle Milk, I was beyond happy. The song starts out with a crunchy electro beat that has hips swinging like Shakira. The track then takes an unexpected turn and goes into a bubbly medley THAT WILL GET STUCK IN YOUR HEAD FOR DAYS UPON DAYS UPON DAYS. 

Seriously though.

This song has been not only stuck in my head, but on repeat for at least 2 weeks now. Middle Milk is an upcoming artist that I would not be surprised to see invited to major festivals next year. If you like “Shine”, make sure you check out some of his other great tracks like electro-house banger “Lionhouse” and feel good jam “Birds“!


Written by Dan Jandreau

Born and raised in small town Maine but have migrated to (somewhat) civilization. Portland resident who loves all things electronic related. Current DJ at anywhere that will let me play. Likes hard hitting beats. Dislikes onions.

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