Let’s be honest, there really aren’t enough remix of Taylor Swift songs. That sentence was written with absolutely zero sarcasm of cynicism. You may not realize this, and you may not like it, but our editor here (Me. I’m talking in the third person now.) is a huge T-Sweezy fan. Why? I truly have no idea.

In spite of her being shitty to concert photographers (but who isn’t these days?) and abandoning her home state of Pennsylvania to make it big in Country music… only to abandon the genre that truly embraced her to become a huge Pop star… I cannot get enough of her. Perhaps it was this BroBible piece, or the fact that she dances like the nerdy girl at your high school that, even though she wasn’t one of the hot girls… she had that… je ne sais quoi that kept you mildly interested in case she ever got hot… or just became one of the world’s biggest music stars. (Damn you, Calvin Harris)

Anyway. I love Taylor Swift. She makes great pop music and from everything I’ve heard (again, photographers aside), she is one of the nicest and most genuine (not to mention generous) female pop stars out there today.

Oh, and Gladiator absolutely slays everything they touch, this track is no exception.



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