ear nuggets, lohiWe got the chance to check out a Denver summer kick-off staple, LoHi Music Festival. It was hot, it was sunny, and it was Safari Themed. My gut reaction was, “Who’s going to dress up in a safari theme for a music festival?” And the answer is everyone, everyone dressed up. Ok, not everyone, but enough people and performers were prowling the grounds to give it a solid zoo-like atmosphere.

The day kicked off with Vine Street Vibes, Joey Porter’s Vital Organ and The Malah. Vine Street Vibes have been popping up on lineups left and right, and they knew how to get the party going. An 11am timeslot isn’t an easy one but people were dancing around with their 1st (or 2nd or 3rd, no judgment) beer and DELICIOUS mixed drinks. Joey Porter is a staple of the Colorado music scene, best known for playing in the Motet and less known for playing in probably 1/3 of all Denver bands. We’re big fans of his work. I first caught the Malah in Cincinnati of all places, and like Vine Street Vibes, they creep up in the line-ups of all the things I love around town. They’re fun, they’re dancey, and I’m sure I’ll catch them again really soon.

ear nuggets, kung fuWe weren’t sure what to expect when Kung Fu was about to go on stage due to the recent line-up change. We had lofty expectations for how the band would sound with this being only the second show with the new keys player. However, when Kung Fu took the stage, it felt like Beau had been a longtime member of this dynamic funk outfit. Kung Fu absolutely dominated the LoHi music festival, and in our humble opinions, they took the MVP set of the day without question. Make sure you don’t sleep on Kung Fu 2.0, because they absolutely mean business right now.

ear nuggets, hot buttered rumHot Buttered Rum is FUN. Like a drunken family reunion, but without the punching, these guys make you throw your beer in the air with songs like, “Guns or Butter” and “Busted in Utah,” they fill that noodly spot in your heart that just wants some banjo and fiddle.

ear nuggets, roosevelt collierRoosevelt Coolier was the perfect transition into the evening. Roosevelt was joined by members of the Motet, including Joey Porter on keys, and the group put on a solid show that set the right kind of evening vibe. The rain also helped cool everyone down, and got us all ready for the big second set of the Infamous Stringdusters.

The Infamous Stringdusters put on two barn burning sets at the LoHi music festival. These guys have bluegrass down to a science, and they put on an absolute clinic. The Stringdusters had the whole festival get in the dancing spirit, and put on two fiery sets of bluegrass that we won’t soon forget. The second set, and last set of the day, featured a rain storm and everyone got soaked to the bone. The rain didn’t stop anyone though, and the Stringdusters crowd had a foot stompin’ dance party in the rain, puddles and all.

ear nuggets, infamous stringdusters


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