Sometimes I like to come here and on a personal level sort of let you know what I’ve been up to lately. Seeing as how this site started out really just as a way to share what I was listening to and what shows I was going to see with my friends and family, I like to take the chance sometimes to just share a little bit of what’s going on.

I got back very late last night (or very early this morning) from my first trip to Denver. From all accounts, my girlfriend and I did it right. On top of the usual visiting Denver things, we got to check out a bluegrass show featuring Monocle Band and John Stickley Trio at Cervantes. Holy hell that was a good time. But of course, not to be outdone, we had to check out Widespread Panic at Red Rocks. Both music lovers, GF and I had been dying to get to Red Rocks to see anything we could, and came to find out that none other than Red Rocks Sell Out Record Holding Widespread Panic would be playing while we were there.

Sometimes on trips like this, when you hype an event or destination up, you can sometimes build up the anticipation so much that when you get there, you’re let down. Not Red Rocks. All the pictures you see and the videos and everything you read displaying the beauty of the venue and the spirituality that comes along with seeing a show there completely lives up to expectations. GF and I spent the entire first set just kind of gawking at everything around us. It was truly incredible. And of course, WSMFP put on a hell of a show.

So now I am back, and I’d be sad about it, except for all the awesome music going on in July. You can always check out the Philadelphia concert calendar here, but just to review, here are some events I’m particularly excited for:

This Weekend: Ardmore Music Hall is hosting all three nights of the Fare Thee Well Grateful Dead 50th Anniversary broadcast. Not only will they have the shows up on the big screen with the full sound system, but they’re happy (and we’re even happier) to welcome Splintered Sunlight to take the stage when the Dead aren’t playing. Tickets here.

Next Weekend: All Good Music Festival. There may not be a better festival. The vibes, the layout, the lineup… I mean really, when you’ve got Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, Turkuaz, Tauk, and Cabinet on the bottom line of the lineup, you know this is for real. 2014 left an All Good hole in my heart, and I can’t wait to return home.

Later in July: Camp Bisco, Live from the Lot, XPoNential Music Festival


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