At the Sonic Bloom Festival last weekend, Ear Nuggets got the chance to talk to the up and coming Denver jamband Greener Grounds.  Greener Grounds broke out onto the Denver Jam scene about a year ago. Despite their short time as a band, they have seen a great deal of success at the local level, and now they have their sights focused on bigger and better things.

Greener Grounds
Greener Grounds

The beginning of Greener Grounds started with guitarist Joe Shur and keyboardist Roland Hanson playing together casually.  The two had been going to shows and festivals together for a while, and the music they had been seeing live inspired them to get into creating music of their own.  Things quickly developed from there.  The band picked up guitarist Matthew Buelt, who Joe and Roland both knew from high school, as well as picking up drummer AJ Gilman who had just relocated to Denver from Philadelphia looking to get into the Denver jam scene.  The lineup of Greener Grounds was completed with AJ recruiting bassist Danny Littler.

Greener Grounds is one of many new up and coming jam bands in the Denver scene, but they intend on making themselves and their sound as unique as possible.  While they cite bands like the Disco Biscuits, Umphrey’s McGee, and Lotus as some of their main artistic influences, they are placing a great deal of emphasis on developing a sound that is uniquely Greener Grounds.  Like other jambands, live improvisation is crucial to the bands live experience.  However, Greener Grounds is focusing just as much on having quality song composition, and building a repertoire of diverse catalogue of songs that have their own unique style” Guitarist Matthew Buelt told us, “A lot of bands can jam, and people want to see long jams and stuff, but we want to have really good composed songs to go with our improvisation as well. It’s important to have a good catalogue of songs that have different styles.” Drummer AJ Gilman adds, “We want to be able to change your mood in the middle of a song as we’re playing”.

Danny Littler (bass) and AJ Gilman (drums)
Danny Littler (bass) and AJ Gilman (drums)

Greener Grounds credits their rapid local success to their work ethic, as well as chemistry as a band.  The band is constantly at work practicing, writing, jamming, and coming up with new approaches to their music.  Developing their flow as a band, as well as becoming a student of their instruments on an individual level, has been contributing greatly to their ability to put on an exhilarating live show that is full of energy that will keep you on your toes.  The bands chemistry and work ethic is sure to help them be successful in the long run as a national touring act.  The band hopes to start hitting the road for more extended tours starting next summer.

Green Grounds
Greener Grounds

In the meantime, Greener Grounds is having a great deal of success within the Denver jam scene, and they have a lot to celebrate right now with the upcoming release of their new EP titled Photosynthesis.  Photosynthesis will feature a number of songs that is currently in the bands live rotation.  Greener Grounds will be having an official album release party at the Denver arcade/music venue, the 1up on Colfax, on July 10th.  The album release party will feature Greener Grounds in the headliner role, as well as their friends Tnertle who will be the opening act.  The album release party is FREE of cost so long as you get your tickets prior to 7 pm day of show, and you will be able to pick up a copy of Photosynthesis at the show or listen to the album on Greener Grounds Spotify page.  The album release party is being hosted by Grassroots California, who is a new sponsor of Greener Grounds.  Grassroots California is also in the process of creating an official Greener Grounds hat which will be available this fall.

A lake landscape with moutain in northern Norway

In the immediate aftermath of their EP release, Greener Grounds is planning on beginning the process of putting together a full length album to be released next year.  The future is looking bright for this young band, and Ear Nuggets is eager to watch Greener Grounds break out among the jam scene at large over the next few years.

You can get FREE tickets to their album release party here


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