Sonic Bloom is starting up THIS THURSDAY. Are you ready? Packed your stuff? Got your water bottle? Prowl around the Sonic Bloom website for in-depth FAQs, or scroll through the basics below.

The Schedule

SB15-Schedule-v1.3-1 SB15-Schedule-v1.3-2

The Directions
If you want something to point your GPS to, Country Road 650 is between Colorado City, CO (North) and Walsenburg, CO (South) and if you type in “County Road 110 & Interstate 25 & County Road 650, Rye, CO 81069” it’ll get you to the intersection at step 3.

Official directions from Denver:
1. Follow I-25 S (130 miles) through Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Colorado City, CO
2. Take Exit 64 – Lascar Rd
3. Turn Right (West, to the mountains) onto Road 650
4. Follow 650 for 2 miles
5! Box Office will be on the Right

Drinks, Smokes and Food
2 cases of CANNED beer per person per car (no kegs), and one PLASTIC bottle of liquor (up to 1.75 liter) per person per car, and 2 BOXES of wine per person per car. NO GLASS.

And, I quote, “Those twenty-one and older may possess a limited amount of marijuana legally in Colorado. The law prohibits consumption in a “public place.” Current legal interpretation is that the area inside the venue is a “public place,” but, your campsite is not.” So – don’t be a dumbass.

Packing List
Everyone’s got one, so here’s ours. Remember, you’re not camping with your car so pack light and bring a friend. Bottled water will not be sold on site, so bring your water bottle. And don’t forget your ticket.

Camping gear: waterproof tent, extra tarp, flashlight (or those bike lights, attach it to yourself, and go about your business), rain gear (!!), trash bags, something squishy to sleep on, something squishy to cover yourself with, someone squishy to share your tent with, your ticket

Cash: support the vendors and artists, buy a couple of beers and buy some stuff that you won’t find pretty much anywhere else

Toiletries: towel, sunscreen or some sort of sun protection, soap/shampoo/deodorant (or not, we don’t judge), toothbrush (will judge), baby wipes, baby preventers, band aids, Gold Bond, your ticket

Misc: cooler WITH WHEELS (you’re not camping with your car), your ticket, flag for your campsite, lawn chairs, snacks, your ticket, drinking water and something to carry it in, your ticket, your ticket, your ticket, clothes (or not), sunglasses

The Weather
(as of 6/16)

And don’t forget… you’re in the middle of the desert, so hydrate or die (well, maybe not die, but you’ll get really sick.)

See you there!


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