1. In Which I Arrive
When I walked up to will call, some young ladies were being kicked out. They argued with the bouncer, asking to speak with someone in charge. They were not passing a bottle around. They promise. This isn’t fair.

This isn’t at all important to my recap for this show.

2. In Which A-TRAK.
I hung back until Alain Macklovitch’s familiar face appeared behind the booth and AarabMUZIK walked off. There is something amazing about venues where “backstage” is a few uncurtained steps from the stage. A-Trak, as he is more commonly known, smiled happily, genuinely, modestly. The barricade was pushed up close to the stage, the bouncers were ready to bounce ‘em wild ones out if necessary. Sometimes it was. The night was in full scritchy-scratch Action (see what I did there?).

“9:30 Club, this is Gold Gone Wild,” A-Trak announced, enveloped by enthusiastic screams. We caught some time with Mr. Goldbar, an energetic bro with a gold bar for a head, reminding us of A-Trak’s record company (touting artists including Kid Cudi, Chromeo and Flosstradamus, to name just a few).


My favorite moments? His Galantis “Runaway (U&I)” remix (call me a girl), his Alesso “Cool” mix (that drop doe!), and what I personally found to be the climax? His Milo & Otis “Trap Arms” remix. I couldn’t get enough. “… Bring that pretty shit back in real quick!” Please!

He told us, each show on this tour is different; he plays off of us. I wondered to myself if the next three shows on the tour would feel wildly different. Maybe they’d get different drops, some different songs. But a completely different vibe? My vote is “not likely.” We get

3. In Which I Retreat
And I’m not ashamed to admit that I escaped to watch from the balcony at a point. I breathed. I bounced a bit.

4. In Which I Leave My walk back to the car was accompanied by that ringing in my ears that I’ve grown to love and hadn’t met with in awhile. It was worth it. Gold Gone Wild will ultimately visit only 6 total venues. I love DC.



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