Last night marked the beginning of A-Trak’s Gold Gone Wild tour with AraabMUZIK and Ape Drums. Fitting, then, that the Fool’s Gold owner and his guests released a track earlier this week, “Action.” Together, they work trap magic, featuring vocals from Yung Joc’s “It’s Goin’ Down.” 1:34, that’s when I’m lost in it, that’s when my right hand is waving and my hair is in my face. Before then, I’m mugging, this song makes me feel badass.

“Lights, camera, action when I walk through the door…”

A-Trak shouldn’t need an introduction. But just in case (and if so, you’re dead to me, but that’s okay), for more than fifteen years, more than half his life, A-Trak has been a key presence in the industry as a DJ and producer. A remix master, this man is a creator, fusing hip hop and electronic worlds. But he does it all. While his sound is wildly unique, he doesn’t paint himself into a corner, exhibits A and B, “Tuna Melt” and “Warrior.” A handful of his accomplishments: 1997 DMC World Championships winner (he was fifteen, and this was the first among countless DJ awards), Kanye West’s tour DJ in 2004, owner/co-founder of Fool’s Gold record label in 2007.

DC is lucky to be among the first to experience this charged tour, with Gold Gone Wild lighting up 9:30 Club on June 11, presented by U Street Music Hall. Don’t miss the opportunity to see, hear and dance to really. good. shit. at this sick, intimate venue. Get hyped! Buy your ticket!


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