This is not a recap of a weekend that included live performances from American Babies, Kung Fu, Twiddle, (Twiddle again), The Werks, Dopapod, Catullus, Savoy, Tweed, Electron, Flux Capacitor, Papadosio, Lotus, and Joe Russo’s Almost Dead. Mainly because I’m still recovering a bit, but also because I have literally thousands of photos to go through and as soon as they’re ready, you’ll see them. Until then, just know that it was a beautiful weekend of great music, nice weather, wonderful people and, of course, extremely talented musicians (many of them local).

I just wanted to bring one thing to your attention before I drown in DNGs…

It was so great to see thousands of people back the Jam Stage at Jam on the River on Saturday at Festival Pier where local acts Flux Capacitor, Tweed, and Catullus played shortened sets. The energy they got was unlike anything I’ve seen for a local band on a small stage and we were all treated to incredible performances of completely original music. While they were all great, one highlight for me was Catullus’sses’es opening number called “Aimless Nameless.”

Before the set started there was sort of an air of “How is this going to work?” The stage was was all the way in the back of the venue and covered by a tent, causing the area around the stage to be taken up mostly by a few people already overwhelmed by the sun and the heat of the day. But by the time Catullus was just a minute or two into their set, just about everyone in the place flocked to the back, allowing the band to play in front of a local crowd of almost 5,000 people. The band almost seemed shocked. Keyboardist Justin Minnick at one point grabbed is phone to take a video with a grin across his face as wide as the grand canyon. It was one of those unique musical moments where you can see the genuine happiness of a musician the sheer joy they can get simply by performing their craft in front of others.

“Aimless Nameless” is a beautiful tune that wanders around a rhythmic spiral staircase all the way to the top crescendo that’ll have you going from head swaying to right out feet shuffling by the very end. It was a great way to kick the day off at the Jam Stage and I’ve listened to it at least 7 times already today. It needs to be shared. So give it a listen and go like Catullus on Facebook and Twitter and all that fun stuff.

UPDATE: Here’s our photo gallery from their set:

Catullus Jam on the river ear nuggets photo

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