One week from today I’ll be arriving in Rome, Georgia for the third Counterpoint Festival and kicking off my own festival season. For stupid, stupid reasons, I have had to miss out on the first two installments but not this year. While both previous years have had some outstanding lineups, I cannot say enough good things about this year’s diversity and big talent. Like all of you, I’ve already made my *tentative* schedule. I say tentative because… well… things happen at festivals and you lose track of time and sometimes yourself and you never do get to that one set you had been talking about for weeks not to mention where the hell is your wallet? And when did you lose your left shoe and pants? Regardless… here’s what I’m looking forward to after the jump:



JRAD Tom Hamilton Ear Nuggets
Tom Hamilton of JRAD

5:00 – G Jones (Steeple Stage)

6:15 – Tauk (Underground Stage)

7:45 – Zomboy (Steeple)

9:00 – Chet Faker (Steeple)

10:15 – Excision (Steeple)

11:30/11:45 – JRAD / Knife Party (Underground/Steeple)



Griz TLA Philly Philadelphia Ear Nuggets

1:30 – Heavy Pets (The Point)

2:15 – Bearson (Undergound)

3:00 – Futurebirds (The Point)

4:00 – Yung Lean (Undergound)

4:20 – Lunice (Steeple)

5:30 – Emancipator Ensemble (Underground)

6:30 – Griz (Steeple)

9:00 – What So Not (Steeple)

10:15 – RL Grime (Steeple)

11:30 – Dillon Francis (Steeple)



Manic Focus Bass Campus Delaware Ear Nuggets
Manic Focus

1:15 – Louis Futon (Summer Vibes Stage)

2:05 – Bronze Whale (Summer Vibes)

3:00 – Manic Focus (Summer Vibes)

3:45 /4:00 – EOTO/Minnesota (Steeple/Summer Vibes)

5:00 – Michal Menert (Summer Vibes)

6:15 – The Roots (The Point)

7:15 – Tipper (Summer Vibes)

9:00 – Umphrey’s McGee (Summer Vibes)


Check out the full schedule here.


Day I’m most excited for: Serious toss up between Saturday and Sunday. I’m thinking maybe Saturday, but I can see how Sunday may very well end up being the best day of the weekend. It totally depends on how everyone’s set goes.

Artist I’m most excited to see for the first time: Also a toss up. I can narrow it down to three. Honestly, the three I’ve yet to see live are going to kind of blow your mind if you know me: The Roots, Umphrey’s McGee and RL Grime. Not necessarily in that order. I know… I’ve committed sins all up and down that list. But it is what it is and thank god I’m fixing that next weekend.

Artist I’m most excited to see for the millionth time: Michal Menert. His new album Space Jazz should be entitled Space Sex For Your Ears but I can see how that wouldn’t have been as easily marketed, and his live performances have only been getting better and better. Also Griz because his set at Hudson Music Project last year was one of the wildest festival sets I’ve ever seen. And Manic Focus. And What So Not. And Tauk. And Dillon Francis. All of them. They never get old. Ever.

Artist I can’t believe I’m going to miss: Toss up between Ott and Lettuce. Also it looks like I’ll be missing either EOTO or Minnesota. I’ve seen Lettuce and Menert many, many times at this point and neither of them disappoint. But Menert is my boy and I’m super excited to see his new shit live. I’m pretty bummed I’m going to miss Ott, but… The Roots, ya know?

EOTO TLA Philadelphia Ear Nuggets

Worst Conflict: JRAD v. Knife Party honestly isn’t that tough because I’ll either be in the mood for one or the other. While I’m bummed I’ll miss one now, when the time comes, I’ll be content with either one and not regret it at all. So I think I have to go EOTO v. Minnesota. It really could go either way. I’ll have to make a game time decision and there’s a solid chance of regret either way because EOTO is great, but I’ve heard amazing things about Minnesota, too.

Stage I’m most looking forward to: Either Summer Vibes on Sunday or Steeple on Saturday. All for totally different reasons. I’m just glad I don’t have to choose between the two because lawd that’d be tough.

Don’t sleep on: Louis Futon. I know he plays at like the crack of dawn on Sunday and all you’re going to want to do is sleep. But don’t. Just saw this guy last night and he’s going to set the Summer Vibes stage off on the right foot. And he’s from Philly so… ya know… brotherly love and stuff or something.

Vibe Street Delaware Ear Nuggets
Vibe Street

Silent Disco Question Mark?: I don’t know… maybe I’m old, but I’ve never really understood silent discos. Like, I get it. I get how they work and function and all that. I’ve just never understood how people find them enjoyable. HOWEVER, depending on the schedule (which I haven’t seen… does it exist?) I may stop by because they’ve got two heavy hitters. Menert (duh) but also Vibe Street is throwing down a silent disco set. It’s kind of a drag that he’s not doing a full stage set at any point (and weird) but hey, I’ll take a silent disco set. Also, my guess is if any stage performers have to cancel for any reason, Vibe Street is their first call. I could be wrong though because that’s based on literally nothing but my own hopes and dreams.

State I’m least looking forward to driving through: Virginia. Holy hell does driving through Virginia suck. Driving through Virginia sucks on I-95. We’re going to be driving through Virginia on I-81 which is even longer. The state never ends. It feels like a highway treadmill. Also they only have a few Wawa’s and the last time I stopped at a Virginia Wawa it was 3am and it was CLOSED.(!!!) I call shenanigans.

Thing I’m most nervous about: This is taking at a horse racing track, right? I’m petrified of horses. This is not a joke. Before I went to see Skrillex at Pimlico (Where they hold the Preakness) I asked around to people who know horses to check to make sure that they don’t actually keep horses at the stables when there’s other stuff going on. I know it sounds ridiculous, but again, anyone who knows me knows this is probably my biggest fear of the weekend. Aside from Virginia state troopers. Oh my god, can you imagine a Virginia state trooper on horseback!? *passes out* Seriously horses are too big, strong, and smart. They’re angry that we don’t rely on them anymore like we did in previous centuries, and now we only use them for sport and gaming and they’re absolutely plotting to take us all out. Again, this sounds like a joke. It is not. I’m scared of horses, and that’s legitimately the reason why. I also know a lot of festivals have police on horseback. And it terrifies me. (Also they should really be required to pick up after their horses shit all over the campgrounds) I hope I never have a cop on horseback try to arrest me for anything because while I normally would be very obedient for police on foot, bike, or in a car, if a cop on horseback tries to arrest me I will absolutely run as fast as I can and… well… we all know what would happen then.


We’ll see you in the Peach state! Until then, here’s our Counterpoint Festival Playlist!



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