As a lover of music before my time (my heart seems to take in air independent of my body when I listen to the Beatles, or Led Zeppelin), and of course of Rod Stewart classics, I sighed with nostalgia when I heard A$AP Rocky’s “Everyday.” Let’s throw a polygamous marriage together of the 70s sample from “In a Broken Dream (originally released by band Python Lee Jackson with Stewart’s vocals, later re-released once the world discovered Stewart),” Miguel’s velvety voice, Mark Ronson’s sick production skills and A$AP Rocky’s catchy rhythm. I’m down.

This time-blending wizardry perfectly holds the classic sweetness of the sample but makes your head bob, makes you (okay, me?) say, “Ooo,” when Miguel sings, and by the time A$AP Rocky lends us his voice, my arm is out the window, my hand in the wind.

“Everyday” follows A$AP’s recent “M’$” release. I’ll bite, A$AP’s collabs grab me (can we say “Wild for the Night?”).

Check this out.


A$AP Rocky’s new album, “At.Long.Last.A$AP” will arrive June 2nd and he’ll be rockin Festival Pier in Philly at The Roots Picnic May 30!


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