I pretty much spent the entire weekend watching BBC’s fantastic series, Planet Earth and all I have to say is stop bitching about your Monday. Does your job suck? Maybe. But you are at the top of the food chain and you’re not spending your entire existence searching, hunting, scavenging for food just to survive. And guess what? Odds are you’re going to die of old age or some shitty disease brought on by living too damn long. We’re pretty much the only species that does that. Everything else? Eaten. By someone higher up on the food chain. Old and weak? You don’t die of disease, you get left behind and eaten.

So if you bought your shitty processed meal today, stop complaining and listen to this mix.

It’s been a while since I *loved* a Diplo and Friends mix. Here are two of them. Back to back. Peking Duk. And TWRK. Stop reading now and give it a listen. Peking Duk is the first hour, TWRK the second.

Enjoy the stream and feel free to download it, too.


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