LOTS of excitement going on in the festival world this week. The biggest, arguably, is the revitalization of Camp Bisco (We’ll discuss Catskill Chill later). Many (we) thought it was dead. News as recent as last month noted that permits in the festival’s home state of New York were treated like I was by Ivy League Schools. Denied. This left the future of the festival in doubt, especially since The Hudson Music Project, what many saw as the a Bisco stand-in during last year’s hiatus had… well… its problems. The future seemed bleak.

Have no fear. The Biscuits pulled it out. Somehow. Like they seem to often do. And the festival is back on, with official dates, and an official location, this time in Scranton, PA. (Expect plenty of The Office memes and totems) Montage Mountain has played host to Peach Festival for some time now and Bisco hopes to cash in on the site as well complete with a zip line and a water park. Because Bisco just wasn’t enough fun already. Oh… and it’s stupid cheap. Check out ticket prices!


The lineup is only preliminary, and there are plenty of artists we’re stoked about – but damn if we weren’t happy to see some Atmosphere on the bill. Slug and Ant are still killin’ it and are on tour right now. And wouldn’t you know, they’re in Philly next week! Atmosphere has seen many live forms over the years, rotating through variations of a live band, and this time it looks like Plain Ole Bill of Get Cryphy will be joining them behind the decks.


On a personal note, my first Atmosphere show was at the Trocadero many moons ago, so I can’t wait to join the rest of Philly in welcoming the legendary Midwest lyricist back to his east coast home. Tickets are still available here but don’t count on at the door availability. Supplies are low. This will sell out.

Check out Atmosphere’s latest album Southsiders right here from Spotify!

Oh… mic killer B. Dolan will be here, too. Don’t know who he is? Check. This. Shit. Out:


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