It’s getting warmer… but it’s not quite warm. The days are getting longer, but they’re not quite long enough. Festivals are getting closer… but they’re not quite close enough.

In under one month, we’re kicking off our own festival season by hitting up Counterpoint Music Festival in the Peachy state of Georgia. We… well… we honestly cannot wait. We’re getting antsy. Too antsy.

Oh, you are, too, I’m sure. So let’s all embrace our antsy-ness and check out this playlist we made for ourselves you. From top to bottom, headliners to the… buttliners? That doesn’t sound right. Tailliners? Something like that. You get the point. Here’s a playlist with music from every single artist at Counterpoint who has music on Spotify! Enjoy!

PS – Passes are still available here and they’re insanely cheap for this incredible lineup!


PPS – This looks bad ass:



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