Iration entered to dim, blue lighting, beginning with “Wait and See.” When I’m not holding my camera at a show, I clasp my hands together under my chin in excitement. I hugged my camera tight, waiting for the lights to brighten so I could see the band, these guys who “hail from the 808.” The reverb, the wah, Micah Pueschel’s voice, Adam Taylor’s (bass) energy… they surrounded and warmed us inside the 9:30 club, on a pretty-fucking-cold-for-almost-May, rainy day.

Pueschel, who often kicks to the beat, spoke to us Washingtonians. He, “feeling presidential,” asked if we were “ready to fucking party with Iration.” Yes. We were.

A heavier interlude before their “Back Around” stood out; Iration ain’t no one trick pony.

Iration peppered new tracks from their forthcoming album in July throughout, namely “Reelin.” Iration says it gives us a real taste of their new album with its “Big drums, hard-hitting bass and synth…” Just a couple of days later, the band released the track’s official audio on their website.

Night driving, no headlights.
You’ve got your reasons
and I know you’ve got your seasons,
but i’m still getting lost with you.


Then. A superbly-done Marley cover. Micah Brown (yes, two Micahs – also guitar and vocals) sang while he strummed; his passion was already obvious before, but when he asked the crowd “Is this Love?” Yes. It was.

We sang along happily to the staples, including “Summer Nights,” “Falling,” “Turn Around,” but after we chanted, calling them back to the stage, for just one more, we knew what was coming.

She’s a time bomb, trying to take you out,
the ticking of her heart is the only sound.
She’s a time bomb, about to detonate
you try to cut her wires but you’re way too late.

~Time Bomb

There is nothing like a good show to get you back into your head. Or out of it. Same thing.

Stick Figure, opening for Iration, certainly held their own. I look forward to one day seeing them (instrumentalist and producer Scott Woodruff, with the talents of his band) as the headliner. They know how to work the crowd, and the on-stage dog was the therapy I need always.


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