Happy Earth Day, children of Mother Earth. I’d write more hippie stuff here but I honestly don’t care enough or have the time to make fun of hippies (in the most loving way possible). The earth is important and we’re killing it and it’s super sad and my future children are totally screwed.


Here’s a list and embedded streams of some new tunes. I’m not going to comment too much at all on them because I’m a busy man and I haven’t had the time to listen to them all all the way through because I don’t just sit here trolling around the internet for hours on end like you people. However, I recommend all of this music because it’s all from artists I have thoroughly enjoyed in the past. So I’m confident of your pleasurable listening experience.

New Albums/EPs

Michal MenertSpace Jazz

Ryan MontbleauGrowing Light


FlosstradamusSoundclash EP

Kill ParisGalaxies Between Us

Krooked DriversStill Life EP

Keller WilliamsVape

New Sets/Mixes

Kennedy Jones – Live at Ultra 2015


GTA – House of Voodoo Mixtape


STS9 – Live at Euphoria Music Festival 4/10/15


Disco Biscuits w/ Tommy Hamilton, Bill Kreutzmann & Mickey Hart – Live at Red Rocks 4/17/15


Odesza – Live at Coachella 2015 (Weekend 1)


What So Not – Live at Coachella 2015 (Weekend 1)


Gramatik – Live at Coachella 2015 (Weekend 1)


Milo & Otis – Live at Ultra 2015





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