I honestly can barely even believe it’s here. It’s finally here. Those of you who know, know exactly how big of a deal today is. Michal Menert has been working on his new album Space Jazz for years. Years.

And it’s finally here.

I won’t write a review of the album because I hate writing album reviews and I’d rather you just listen to it yourself. I suggest you download it for free, and then donate to support the man who’s responsible for running one of the hottest new record labels and artist collectives, Super Best Records.

I cannot say just how excited I am for you all to hear it as it’s been difficult to just sit on this for the last week. Congratulations to Menert, as well, as I know just how much of his heart, soul, time, and money have gone into producing this work.

Here’s a track list (and check out the list of collaborators) as well as an embedded stream from Spotify. Tip: Leave this album on repeat in the background all day and he’ll get like a nickel. Where as if you listen to it on Soundcloud he doesn’t get shit.

1. Lightyears Apart (feat. Sam Goodman, Jordan Polovina & DJ Fundo)

2. The Moon Bounce

3. High Orbit (feat. Borahm Lee)

4. Low Orbit (feat. Keeplove? & Supervision)

5. Planet Tomorrow (feat. Manic Focus & Jubee)

6. Wormhole (feat. The Beatserver)

7. Another World (feat. Will Glazier, Colby Buckler & Dan De Lisle)

8. Lose Your Mind (feat. RA the Rugged Man)

9. Moon Light (feat. JK Soul, Matt Van Den Heuvel & Marcelo Moxy)

10. The Shadow of Your Heart (feat. Sam Goodman, C1, Borahm Lee & Greg Dubin)

11. Everything Shines

12. New Dawn (feat. Paul Basic & Marcelo Moxy)

13. Asteroids

14. Sweet Romance (feat. Keeplove?, C1 & Paul Basic)

15. Jettison (feat. Dominic Lalli, Borahm Lee, Will Glazier & Dan De Lisle)




  1. Michal didn’t want to release this until 10am.. I’m sure this was a mistake but still disrespectful to post before the artists preference.


    1. I don’t have control over what Spotify does and doesn’t release. It’s unfortunate if Spotify went against Michal’s wishes. If I were Michal, I would be angry. But I am not. I am not an artist. I am a blogger. The music is now public, and we’re simply promoting his music and letting our readers know it’s out there. We’re sorry if you see this as disrespectful but we would respectfully disagree. We think anything we can do to promote Michal and his music is positive. Thanks for reading and thanks for the comment. If you have any further issues with how we conduct business, please do not hesitate to contact me directly at mike@earnuggets.com


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